About Max & MK9Plus

The founder of Mk9Plus, the man you see in the videos and person writing this is me, Max Randall.

I have been a full time behaviourist since I was 18 years old running a business called MK9DogTraining that still runs today and can be found at Mk9dogtraining Website 

Helping dogs is all have known. 
I started out as a pretty ordinary behaviourist and doing lots and lots of training fixing dogs behaviours. However, through plenty of experience meeting hundreds of clients it always frustrated me that I couldn’t always figure out the soul cause of the problem or fix many problems with traditional training. Positive reinforcement is a great way of training, however, not all problems need training. I could very easily stop a dog from reacting to dogs or simple things like stop a dog from counter surfing, but the dog overall was never perfect. I had learnt a lot about Dog‘s mental health, however, I felt like I needed to learn more and this is when I completely change the way I work with clients dogs . Seeing how our society is talking more and more about peoples mental health and people are figuring out what is wrong with them, I thought, surely dogs aren’t that different and we can approach dogs the exact same way. I started learning and also training more with IMDT (institute of modern do training). 
These behaviours that so many trainers fix is not actually the problem. The problem is the poor mental health causing the behaviours.This poor mental health is typically caused by inadequate mental stimulation, exercise, a bad diet and scars from past experiences that have been left unnoticed. Through lockdown I was still helping just as many dogs as I was before and I was doing it for a video call rather than in the living room, this is what gave me the idea for a Mk9Plus

 MK9Plus was created for a much easier and convenient way of educating a larger amount of people, because I realised I don’t need to meet the dog or do any training with the dog to fix their mental health. It’s never about how much your dog knows, it’s about how much you know and that is how well your dog turns out.


- Team@mk9plus.com