More About the Loose Lead Walking Course

Over my years of being a professional dog trainer and working with hundreds of dogs i have always found one thing that everyone struggles with... Loose Lead Walking.

I personally have never been a fan of forcing dogs to do something for me and wanted to find a way of getting an easy and hassle free result that also benefits the gorgeous dog.

What i have found over the years is the dogs behaviour you see and hear is a problem, but only a bi-product of THE problem.

Fixing the problem, fixes the behavioural problems, prevents them from coming back and overall makes training the dog easy.

What stops you from training such a hard thing is the dogs mental state, how desperate are they for that walk, or that stimuli? Are they in state to focus or even accept food?

And then there's the technique it's self... Positive Reinforcement Training doesn't just work, you have to use it in the right way and at the right time.

Shovelling food into a dogs mouth just for being next to you is a method i see a lot of people use and OH MY DOG that doesn't work and if it does, it doesn't last.

SO! In this series we train loose lead walking a modern way, with no command, equipment or force and this is called Operant Conditioning.

It will consist of all those most affective methods and tricks i have been discovering and testing over the years, all mashed into one perfect and easy to follow course, that will make your walks enjoyable again for you and the dog.

I'll show you how to implement all the new techniques in different environments, triggers and distractions.

I also use a dog that hasn't already been trained, so you see the obstacles we bump into and exactly how i dealt with them.

DON'T FORGET! Like i said at the beginning, your dog might have bigger problems than you think, slowly brewing in the back ground.

So you will also be shown how to identify and understand why they're pulling in the first place and fixing these issue will make sure your hard work training last longer than just a couple weeks, we've all been there.

Let's be Modern, Educated and overall get the results we want, without the cost of the dogs well-being.