• What is MK9Plus?

This website gives you the information that only the professionals learn and what we wish we had time to teach you!!

Your dogs behaviour is a result of the live they have lived, so MK9Plus is here to show you how we can upgrade and life!

This won't just help you plan out the best quality day to day life but it will also give you the tools to identify problems months before most people notice them and really understand what's actually happening, rather than assuming

  • How do I join the private Facebook community?

Once you are a member on the website you can head over to Facebook and look for a Mk9Plus private community.  it is a Facebook group, not a page.

  • How long should I be a member for?

I'll let you in on something...

There is a reasonably size portion of our community that have cancelled their membership and returned. This is because they're wanted to fix what was wrong and leave, however after speaking to them when they returned we found out the problem came back or another one popped up months later. We obviously suggest as long as possible so you can learn more than what you think you need and we find our clients are surprised by how much more there is to learn and unlearn.

Old videos are always updated when new studies come out as well!

  • What is included with a membership?

When you become a member you will have access to all videos ever uploaded plus and all future ones, on the day they are released, as long as you are still a member. You will also be accepted to the private community over at Facebook where we host once a week live streams, Q&As and quiz's.

  • Am i able to get personal help?

Yes. You are able to get help if you email Team@mk9plus.com or post in the facebook group. If the help is more urgent you can head over to Mk9dogtraining on Facebook or MK9dogs.com and discuss having a private online session or if you live nearby, a home visit.

  • When can i expect to see changes?

It is very dependant on your situation.

If you're dedicated and able to do most of what we teach you, then much faster. Usually with in a week we start to see the dog sleeping more and settling down, this will means quality of life has taken affect and upgraded. This is a great sign that their mental health is on the mend and behaviours will start to dimmer down.

Dogs can start responding to recall quicker and training is much easier

If we're dealing with stressed and nervous dogs then you'll start to see their threshold decreases and they're much easier to work with over time

  • Don't i need an in person trainer?

No trainer can make a life changing difference to your dog in a session or two.

There's more to life than training and that's what the lessons on here are for. Your trainer Max started as an in person trainer and found he could never teach his clients everything they need to know without them spending hundreds of pounds. Even then, they never had material to look back on, so most was forgotten and this caused issues in the dog to come back, so more time and money to be spent.

An in person trainer can be handy for the hands on training if you need help but, the other 90% of having a dog is all up to you either way


- Team@mk9plus.com