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From Max Randall's Hand picked, tried and tested methods from the past 5 years, to deliver the most effective course possible.

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Meet Max, your qualified dog trainer.

The founder of MK9Plus.

"I often witness people falling prey to so-called modern methods or quick fixes suggested by "professionals", only to find out that these solutions do not work in the long run. These approaches often involve simply shoveling food into the dog's mouth or heavy corrections, without addressing the underlying cause of the problem and causing more problems between the dog and human.

It's disheartening to see all the hard work put in by people go to waste within a few weeks or sometimes no progress is made at all.

However, my lead training course provides the perfect solution to these problems. It might seem like a lot of content, but it's precisely what you need to train your dog. Additionally, I offer personal support and assistance through email."

What's in store for ya!


Max has tested these methods on hundreds of dogs over the years, to produce effortless and hassle-free results. Our unbiased approach is solely focused on what works best for your dog.

Untrained Dog

The dog we use in this course wasn't already trained, so you get to see how long our sessions were and how max dealt a few hiccups


Your relationship will not be weakened and you'll have a dog that wants to train, rather than one that fears your punishment.

A Human

All Lesson are taught in a down to earth manner. No angry dog trainer, Over the top actor or boring professor. This is Easy to follow and straight to the point, so you can quickly realise your dream of having enjoyable walks.

More than Just training

No longer will you be baffled by your dog's behavior. With our lead training course, you'll gain a deeper understanding of why your dog is pulling and how to fix the issue. This not only prevents other behavioral problems from arising but also ensures that your hard work lasts beyond just a few weeks.

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Qualified Trainer, Pet Professional of 2022 and Fuel By Tribal Nutrition

Overall, this course doesn't just give your shoulder a break, It also sets you up with the skills & knowledge to keep it working for the rest of the dogs life!

<p>Max Randall</p>,

Max Randall

CEO @MK9Plus

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