Do more than just training.

Don't lose the enjoyment in having a dog and go from hoping to knowing you're prepared for the future.

Did you know?

100% of your dogs behaviour is communication of the problem and not actually the problem you should be focusing on.

Dogs don't know what's right or wrong because they don't have social construct, they just do what works for them.

If Destruction, Reacting or Obsessive Behaviour is what's working for them, they just need help and not punishing.

"A human child can excel at everything in school (training) and still develop mental health problems, their knowledge makes no difference to behaviour"

MK9Plus, your solution

Let's enjoy the walks, rather than enjoy getting back from them

and enjoy our dogs, rather than enjoy getting a break from them

A few words from some members of the community

I hate to think where my rescue pup would be if I hadn't found MK9Plus. After a month or so of feeling so so overwhelmed and yo-yoing between different training ideas and methods, finding Max and his philosophy on helping the dog's mental health rather than creating a human-serving trick performer felt like such a refreshing relief! I stopped looking elsewhere because it all just made so much sense, and fitted with my values of how we should treat our pets. Suddenly it clicked that my dog's needs really weren't that different from my own and I'm so proud to say I feel like I understand her so profoundly well now and we have the most amazing bond.

You can tell in everything Max puts out there that he truly cares for dogs and that's what drives him to do what he does. It's a gradual process and I'm still seeing little changes everyday but it just keeps getting better and better and I'm just so unbelievably proud of the genuine change in my dog's mental health since I started following Max's advice. And it's so much easier and less stressful than any other method or training advice I've come across out there!

Sky Procter


It was a tricky pill to swallow - admitting that my knowledge of dogs, their mental health and training was pretty out of date. I felt guilty that I'd been expecting my rescue dog to suppress her unwanted behaviours, without addressing the reason for them. I was filling my dogs with high protein food with good intentions, but wondering why they were so desperate for everything. A month in, and I've now got firm foundations to build my dogs back up from. I am doing it from a place of understanding, kindness and patience. As Max says, my dogs owe me nothing. I owe them everything.

Lauren King


I've always allowed my dog to sniff but he seemed to be obsessed and would completely ignore me, meaning his recall was patchy at best. After speaking with Max and listening to his advice I learned to walk away and allow my dog to find me. No longer standing around or going to find him. Since doing this I've seen a change in his responsiveness, he listens to commands more and generally we both have a better walk. Max says it as it is which I appreciate.

Megan Mercer


We were really struggling with our 9 month old puppy Sherlock. Had been to puppy classes and doing the things that you think you should but was really struggling.

After find Max on Instagram and liking some of the ways he spoke about dog training we subscribed to plus and honestly it changed the way we were looking at things. Training the modern way, oppurant training, giving dog a breed appropriate dog, sniffing, sleeping 18-20 hours a day and really focussing on mental health and happiness.

Can’t say thanks enough for making life gradually easier. It is not an instant fix but really does give some great foundations and methods to keep building on.

Richard Leese


Max is extremely knowledgeable and generous with his information, he genuinely loves dogs and wants them to live their best lives. I really have learnt so much and my dog is happier for it and lives a more fulfilled life. The best thing about MK9PLUS is that there's always more to learn.

Nancy Morrison


I could watch these videos all day and I find this mentality absolutely amazing for having sane, loving dogs. I can't get enough of listening to this guy.

Diana Matei


I bit the bullet and subscribed, with a 14 day trial there was nothing to lose.

I have had family pet dogs, since I was 15, and owned 2 rescues for 12 years so I have always considered myself as fairly experienced, and reasonably knowledgeable.

I only just started watching your videos this evening and I have learned (and unlearned) so much more about behaviour in those 2 hours than I have in 25 years of living with, and owning dogs, and also learned that there is so much I don't know.

It's SO refreshing to hear someone actually talking about the mental health of dogs and making that a priority over obedience.

Every dog owner needs this knowledge!

Amy Hedley


Totally transformed the way I look at ‘dog training’ and made me realise that I’ve been doing so many things wrong.

Our cocker spaniel is 10 months old and over the last month that we’ve been subscribed his behaviour has dramatically improved.

Max is great at delivering the videos, they are informative and really made me wanting to learn more. We’ve made quite a few changes as a result. The biggest change though has to be the time we allow Jasper to sleep. He’s not quite at the 18hr mark yet but we’re getting there. He is so much more stimulated now. that he does sleep a lot more as a result.

Walks are a pleasure now, he is no longer obsessed by other dogs or people and recall is spot on.

He’s learnt retrieve and loves it, next stage is probably going to be loose leash walking.

Definitely recommend your website, every dog owner needs to know this stuff!!

Thanks Max.

Richard Davis


I wish I knew this website before. I have a maltipoo 8 months old, since we picked him up we had several problems to face and we watched and watched so many videos and different training techniques. When I bumped to this way of training I was confused at the beginning, everything I knew it was wrong. But what happened is now I understand my puppy and he sleeps peaceful all day because he's happy with the life we are giving, thanks to Max. Since we are in London it's difficult to find a good woodland to make Appa sniffs around but I hope one day we can meet. Thanks to you we have a happy dog and also of course we are happy because we just let him do his best life. Love from Appa the maltipoo.

Carlotta Riccardi


I'm so glad we found Max's page. He's helped us to understand so many things about our dog to improve his mental health & build our confidence with how to support him. Just over the last few weeks, we've seen our dog become calmer & confident. The videos on the MK9 website are so educational, as well the posts on Instagram and Max has even helped when we've messaged him directly too. Understanding why our dog was behaving in the way that he was, seemingly random, but actually lots of explanation and around arousal and trigger stacking helped us to understand. Would 100% recommend!

Sophie Collins

Face Book

I just wanted to say a huge Thankyou to you for your amazing website and Instagram page. I knew nothing about raising a puppy until I came across your page - I had no idea about the importance of sniffing for a dog or about how their little brains work. My little cockapoo benji is living his best life thanks to the knowledge I have learnt from your videos. They cover so much and really teach the owner to think about the dogs needs which in turn helps the owner so much because the puppy/dog is then mentally stimulated and his behaviour is great and he sleeps great. The first game any new dog owner would think to play with a dog is fetch and thanks to you I have learnt that it’s actually the worst game to play with them. Even the likes of the walks - who knew pavement walks wouldn’t stimulate a dog - it’s just something you don’t even think about!

Honestly I cannot thank you enough & I will continue to recommend you to all of my puppy and dog owning friends!

Katie Mc Connell


Highly recommend MK9 Plus! Max is very informative, to the point and helps me to help my puppy be the best version of himself. I continue to implement Max’s recommendations from his videos into Toby’s life and we both reap the benefits in doing so. It’s well worth the time and energy in learning from him for the well-being of your dogs, all in a few clicks in the comfort of your own home! Amazing!

Megan Stubbs


I have delt with a few dog trainers in the past but never have met a trainer who actually teaches people through the eyes of a dog who actually teaches people all about the dogs mental health and how that affects every part of a dogs life,

I would most definatly recommend getting in touch with this guy you won't be disappointed and your dog will end up loving you more for it too

Dog + MK9PLus = An amazing experience

Darren Lad


I have a Australian Kelpie and he’s from a breeding line of exceptional working dogs, Beej has been coming to see max and doggie friends since March 2021 and I only wish I had found MK9 Dogs sooner as I now understand that I did make uneducated mistakes with my pup at the beginning but through educating myself and listening and understanding my pup he is becoming a very well socialised and calmer dog. The knowledge Max has and that he’s willing to share for the mental health if not only the dogs but us as well is something that I recommend to almost everyone that I met whilst walking my dog, as they are astounded by Beej’s manners and ability to read other dogs behaviour and adjust his own and that is down to the continued support from Max and the time and varied adventures that Beej and I are continuing to have together. Look this guy up you won’t regret it.

Julia Green


I’m so grateful I discovered Max’s videos on the MK9Plus website because beyond just helping our dog be the happiest he could be with simple but refreshing principles, he’s totally changed the way I think about dog ownership. Unlearning the outdated ideas I never actually acknowledged I had has had the biggest impact. His style is very different to a lot of what you see on social media. He’s raw, he’s unfiltered but he’s so real. He’s approachable, honest and straight forward. It makes sense and it changes everything.

Laura Halton


Cannot thank or recommend Max at MK9 enough! My 8 year old Sproodle used to never settle, she'd bolt on new walks and we felt restricted in where we could take her.

4wks after following Max's video's and advice, she is a different dog! She is calm, sleeps better, ventures out on new woodland walks, has an amazing recall, looks relaxed and content in her face and eyes and most of all, is so much happier.

I have learnt SO much from Max and can now help my dog just be a dog. Happy, content and allowed to explore the world safely and free. We will remain consistent in our new way of living.

I'm just so grateful to be shown what I was doing wrong. We will keep learning from Max.

EVERY dog owner needs this subscription. The amount of information all in one place for such a small amount of money is mind-blowing! Thanks Max!

Tracey Ayers


I just want to say a huge thankyou, a few months ago this wouldn’t have been possible. To be able to have her on the sofa with us playing a game is amazing.

She would have been jumping all over the place, chewing up things that were left on the floor, running up and down the stairs. I have learnt so much about diet, arousal levels, sniffing. She is a completely different dog, she was on royal canin and have now switched to tribal and the difference is just incredible. She’s calmer and just a joy to have around, her recall from just walking away is amazing, she no longer wants to play with every dog and jump up at every person in sight. Thanks so much.

Victoria Evans


Such an informative trainer. Highly recommended. I have learnt so much about my dog.

Sally Scott


Working with Max at MK9Plus has changed my dogs life. For the better. I cannot recommend his approach highly enough.

Helena Dillon


"Max is super knowledgable about our canine friends and gives the best analogy’s !

The one thing I love about MK9Plus is that he makes learning easy and FUN and motivating that it’s addictive! It’s like a bloody good series that you can binge all night and not feel bad about it .

The videos really give you a lot of information to go off and improve your dog(s) and your own mental health and how to build your relationship with your pawpal.

I’ve been able to ask questions on things I don’t quite understand or need help with and there has always been a response.

Thank you"

Danielle Mei-Lee Freer


Highly highly recommend MK9Plus Training, it explains things every dog owner should learn and know. Max is down to earth, straight to the point, his coaching is easy to follow and is just an incredible insight into to how dogs think.... it really is AMAZING!

Ros Nyman

On FaceBook

I'm so happy I found MK9Plus! I'm trying to understand our dog to make sure he is the happiest he can be and Max's videos are providing me with the comprehensive educational content I was looking for.

Carmen Parfenie

n FaceBook

"This website is wonderful. I have owned dogs for years but have learnt so much already. Much of the information here I have not found anywhere else. Max presents in a fun, accessible and engaging way and I feel anyone who has a dog in their life would benefit and learn a lot from MK9Plus_Dogs. I have already implemented several of Max’s recommendations and feel the website has really helped me better understand my new rescue pup’s needs."

Hannah Dewell

On FaceBook

"I have only been following this training for a week and already my adult cocker spaniel is like a different dog. He used to pace constantly and never settled. He’s so much calmer and happier now. My only regret is that I didn’t find this earlier. I’ve spent out so much money on training that hasn’t helped and unbeknown to me has just been making things worse. If you love your dog then you need to subscribe to this training"

Becky Reeves

On FaceBook

"I recently subscribed to MK9plus, it is so full of priceless information based on the cutting edge of science. I actually have a wonderfully happy, friendly and well-adjusted dog, I just wanted to know more. Max has confirmed my feelings about dog guardianship as my priority was always to just make sure my dog is super happy. Since my dog is happy, he is mentally balanced. Proof that Max's approach works, but now armed with more specific knowledge I can do so much more.

I recommend MK9 to every dog walker I meet.

MK9 is a breath of fresh air in a polluted landscape of unprofessional YouTubers and professional animal abusers on TV. Please throw out what you think you know about dogs and listen carefully to everything Max has to say. Mental health is as important to our companion animals as it is to us. Give your dog the gift of balanced mental health, she or he will surprise you with potential you never knew existed. If your dog is experiencing reactivity, dog on dog aggression etc., he or she needs support not training in the form of jobs to do. Don't let your dog live his or her life in mental anguish. Don't we owe it to our dogs to give them the chance to live their best lives in the short time they have with us?"

Leena Sowambur

On FaceBook

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<p><span style="color: rgb(5, 5, 5);" >Helena Dillon</span></p>, <p>FaceBook</p>
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<p>Ros Nyman</p>, <p>On FaceBook</p>
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<p>Hannah Dewell</p>, <p>On FaceBook</p>
<p>Becky Reeves</p>, <p>On FaceBook</p>
<p>Leena Sowambur</p>, <p>On FaceBook</p>

About MK9Plus

MK9Plus is an extension of a dog behavioural business called MK9, based in Somerset and still up and running today.

MK9 has socialised, rehabilitated and guided just over 1000 different dogs and puppies over the past 4 Years and twice as many humans, still counting

For 2 years before MK9 existed, Max was training with IMDT, which is run by celebrity dog trainer and the UK's #1 best selling dog book author, Steve Mann

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should i be a member for?

I'll let you in on something...

There is a reasonably size portion of our community that have cancelled their membership and returned. This is because they're wanted to fix what was wrong and leave, however after speaking to them when they returned we found out the problem came back or another one popped up months later. We obviously suggest as long as possible so you can learn more than what you think you need and we find our clients are surprised by how much more there is to learn and unlearn.

Old videos are always updated when new studies come out as well!

When can i expect to see changes

It is very dependant on your situation.

If you're dedicated and able to do most of what we teach you, then much faster.

Usually with in a week we start to see the dog sleeping more and settling down, this will means quality of life has taken affect and upgraded.

This is a great sign that their mental health is on the mend and behaviours will start to dimmer down.

Dogs can start responding to recall quicker and training is much easier

If we're dealing with stressed and nervous dogs then you'll start to see their threshold decreases and they're much easier to work with over time

Don't I need an in person trainer as well?

No trainer can make a life changing difference to your dog in a session or two.

There's more to life than training and that's what the lessons on here are for.

Your trainer Max started as an in person trainer and found he could never teach his clients everything they need to know without them spending hundreds of pounds.

Even then, they never had material too look back on, so most was forgotten and this caused issues in the dog to come back, so more time and money to be spent

What is MK9Plus?

This website gives you the information that only the professionals learn

Your dogs behaviour is a reflection of their mental health/ current state and that is a reflection of the life they're living day by day and you guessed it, that's all on your shoulders

This won't just help you plan out the best quality day to day life but it will also give you the tools to identify problems months before most people notice them and really understand what's actually happening, rather than assuming

Tips from family/friends and knowledge from growing up around dogs is not what we should be replying on right now

Training your dog tricks and commands can't help you here

So what's involved?

How have over 500 members achieved an easy, bomb-proof and very enjoyable dog like Obi here?

Personal Profile

Never feel like you're doing something wrong and always have your lessons to go back and rewatch.

You now have the option to download all your videos, so you can learn even on a walk.

Private Community

Always have a place to go, with your private community page that is always there for advice and support.

See or share progress made but, most importantly, share cute pics

(that bit's compulsory).

100+ Lessons & weekly uploads

Never feel behind or outdated again, with our weekly uploads to our already 100+ video library.

Professional in your pocket

No cheeky fees!

Message Max if you ever need more advice, guiding or even a phone call (dog related of course) because this can be a tricky road for some and you're not alone.

They can have a dog with an astonishing mental health that's future-proof, controlled and trustworthy! All from a stupid little website in their pocket.

It doesn't just save the dog's mental health, it saves everyones. Now my clients just enjoy the rest of their lives together, knowing what to do and what to expect.

That's how it should be.

That's a dog's dream parent.

I love my dog and I know he loves me.

<p>Max Randall</p>,

Max Randall

CEO @MK9Plus

The top 6 courses

These are some of our most popular ones but why not have them all.

Body Language and Early Signs


Understanding and Maintaining Mental Health


Diet and It's Affects on Behaviour


Breed Specific Jobs & Stimulation


Loose lead Walking


The New Recall & How to Keep it Valuable


All 100+ lessons are included in a membership!

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