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Dog Not In A Trainable State?

We scrap the repetitive training & help transform your dog & resolve the behavioural issues on walks! 

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Welcome, to the end!

Hi, I'm Max

The CEO & a Modern Dog Trainer

You're probably wondering

"who are you, how can you help me & how can someone be so damn dreamy?"

 well... two of those are easy to answer.

I'm a Qualified and Accredited Dog trainer with organisations like IMDT, OCN & Ofqual, regulated by The Department of Education. Training, rehabilitating and socialising puppies/ dogs for over 5 years has been insane.

That's why I'm qualified to help you but, HOW will I help you?

By ending the dog/ smell obsessions, the hyperactivity, the selective hearing and ending the all other issues in the way of recall working.

That's the help you need, that's what's really wrong. 

Welcome to the end 


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Did You know

Recall Will Never Last...

…If you have to keep using it.

If that word is more valuable than the environment, IT WORKS! 

Supply & Demand

If you keep using the word, it loses value, along with the reinforcer you're using...

"but they keep making mistakes and dangerous decisions, so have to keep calling them"

We hear you! That's the point of this course! 

You will have a dog that doesn’t constantly make these mistakes, so no more over using recall, therefore keeping it valuable & working for when we really need it.

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6 Of The 10 Topics You'll Be Learning

Multiple Tried & Test Training Techniques

  • Find what one works for your dog or pick more than one! Never rely on bribery again.

Off Lead Training

  • A dog that can explore and keep an eye on you, is a dog that doesn't need recalling and doesn't stress you out.

Non Food and Toy Motivated Dogs

  • Can't get them interested? Here's the solution to why they're fussy outdoors/ all the time.

Hyperactivity & Trigger Stacking

  • Ruins more than just recall, let's get that dog back.

Obsessions & High Prey-Drive

  • Are Dogs, Smells, People or Animals the bane of your existence? Don’t worry, it’s fixable.

Breed/ Dog specific Mental Stimulation & Outlets

  • Kongs, Lickimats & Puzzles never transformed a dog, so let's learn how to truly meet their needs.

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Plus a few side topics and Q&A time

What type of Walks are you looking for?

  1. More Training to Control your dog?

  2. Or a dog that Doesn't Need Controlling Anymore?

Hit and miss recall isn't just a frustration, it's a silent threat. So let's redefine what's possible for your dog, on MK9Plus.

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Qualified & OCN Accredited Experts here to help!

Quality Assured By Ofqual

Meet Max

The founder of MK9Plus.

"These crucial aspects we're going to cover significantly impact your dogs well-being, because our training results won't last if we don't also transform the dog.

Every dog parent deserves access to the vital education that qualified dog trainers have and MK9Plus was made to finally make it easily accessible.

Redefine What's Possible

With Your Dog

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