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Hi, I'm Max, the CEO, and a qualified and accredited dog trainer with organisations like IMDT, OCN & Ofqual.

I was blonde, curly haired and living with beautiful dogs, but facing issues that stressed and controlled my families life.

➮ My RAF dreams had been shattered for medical reasons, so I traveled away, learning about dogs.

➮ Knowledge gifted me confidence and control, after seeing my dogs and family thrive. Everything seemed impossible when I didn’t know anything.

➮ Years later, helping dogs was my career, but I struggled to gift the same level of confidence and control.

➮ The idea for MK9Plus was born! Spreading knowledge for less, parents learn at their pace, but more importantly, easy access to knowledge that costs trainers like me THOUSANDS!

I want your journey to control to start right now!

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Learn How to Help & Prevent These?

The TOP 6 Most Popular Series!

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Stress, Timidness or Anxiety

(Confidence building & Lifestyle)

Sound Reactivity, Dog Reactivity & Resource Guarding

(Preventing, Mending and Spotting Early)


(and the behavioural issues it causes)


(Dogs, Humans, Smells & Animals)

Separation Anxiety/ Distress

(Solution, Prevention & Management)

Lead Pulling & Unreliable Recall

(No bribing or correcting, only long term solutions)

How Things Work Around Here 

➮ At MK9Plus, we help aspiring dog parents enjoy their dogs, through focusing on the dogs mental health & the essential training.

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A Glimpse Into Normal & Natural Dog Life.

Behavioural problem are communication of underlying issues. So we ensure dogs live the right life that creates healthy behaviours, guaranteeing long lasting results, as we aren't relying on just training.

Training is only 10% of having a dog.

The remaining 90%? 

➮ What your dog needs to function. Learn 100% Today.

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Here's Food Paw Thought!

 Do you want more training to control your dog? The answer to that is typically YES! Just what I'm looking for! Until Option 2...

Do you want a dog that doesn't need controlling anymore, because they're finally ok?

 Let's redefine what's possible for your dog, with Modern Dog "Training"

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Meet Max

The founder of MK9Plus.

I love to deliver you the goods as a Real Human, not an angry trainer, over-the-top actor or boring professor.

Learning to help your dogs well-beings, while managing your life is stressful!

This format makes it the easiest way to learn, so you can quickly realise your goal of having that content, well-behaved but, honestly ok dog.

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