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MK9Plus "Training Is 1 Step Forward,

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The boring bit: 🐕 I qualified at IMDT, and was accredited by OCN (overlooked by the department of education).

Since 2018, I’ve trained and socialised over a thousand dogs in person and accumulated over 5K members on mk9plus, since 2022


My RAF dreams had been shattered for medical reasons, and living with 2 beautiful dogs, but they suffered from dog/ noise reactivity & separation anxiety, which basically controlled our lives.

➮ After years of paying trainers and following TV advice without lasting success, I chose to learn dog training myself!

(1 year later)... yeah I got hooked

➮ I had made progress but, still struggled and felt I was just managing my and my clients dogs.

Soooooo, speaking to a fellow trainer I discovered the differences between dog trainers and behaviourists, Which inspired another year of learning that transformed me into a different kind of dog trainer.

➮ 90% of the work focused on providing dogs with the right life & helping their mental health, rather than mere behaviour management. I saw more change in 6 months with my own dog, than the last 6 years

This journey, to 'modern dog parent' is what you will experience, through effective training methods that prioritise the well-being of dogs, because your dog isn't giving you a hard time, they're having a hard time.

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Here's Food Paw Thought!

 Do you want more training to control your dog? The answer to that is typically "YES! Just what I'm looking for!"  Until Question 2...

Do you want a dog that doesn't need controlling anymore, because they're finally ok?

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Here's what having a dog is about, a Normal Dog Coexistence. 

Behavioural problem are communication of underlying issues, so why answer all issue with training? Ensuring dogs live the right life, that creates healthy behaviours, guarantees long lasting results, without a life of you training & micromanaging them forever.

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The TOP 6 Most Popular Series!

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(and the behavioural issues it causes)


(Dogs, Humans, Smells & Animals)

Puppies | Under 6 Months

What's Normal, What's Priority & Starting Walks

Adolescence | 6 Months - 2 Years

Causes, What to Expect & Training/ Lifestyle Adjustments

Sound Reactivity, Dog Reactivity & Resource Guarding

(Preventing, Mending and Spotting Early)

Stress, Timidness or Anxiety

(Confidence building & Lifestyle)

Separation Anxiety/ Distress

(Solution, Prevention & Management)

Lead Pulling & Unreliable Recall

(No bribing or correcting, only long term solutions)

Qualified & OCN Accredited Expert here to help!

Quality Assured By Ofqual

Meet Max

The founder of MK9Plus.

I love to deliver you the goods as a Real Human, not an angry trainer, over-the-top actor or boring professor.

Learning to help your dogs well-beings, while managing your life is stressful!

This format makes it the easiest way to learn, so you can quickly realise your goal of having that content, well-behaved but, honestly ok dog.

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