Preventive dog care meets

pet insurance.

Be a business about

wellness not illness.

Further your value, increase customer retention

and strengthen the customer journey

The first insurance policy to be cancelled is pet insurance however, popular advice says the best way to save money is keeping it. So MK9plus is here to help you keep and attract more customers in this cost of living crisis

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The Good Stuff

Save time and money

Investment in preventive dog care means early diagnoses reducing vet visits and long term costs.

Sweeten The Pot

Add value and strengthen your brand, rather than selling short and discounting.

Get The Edge

care by giving them 24/7 preventive dog care that science backed and always upgraded.

Why us? Why this?

The Current First Aid Series

The first aid series some something we can and will keep growing.

No matter when they joined, your clients library will grow with it, keeping them engaged and learning more.

Happy to announce we are one of the 2022 PIF finalists

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Max Randall, CEO

Leena Sowambur, CMO