£250 Per Month! Hell No!

Tricked, Stupid & Misguided is how I felt, realising that many trainers on TV and those who handled my family dogs were just suppressing behaviours with food bribes or punishment

Knowledge revealed the truth, any trainer can get a result on the outside, can you trust it's THE result?

The Risk

£250 per month – the average fee trainers need to charge, close to what I used to charge, for just four sessions.

But think about it, can you really learn much in an hour per week? Are you set up for life's challenges?

Enter MK9Plus, the rule-breaker.

Pay 10x less to Get 10x more, when and where you want, at your own pace... I mean sure! Sign me up!

Welcome, from everyone at MK9Plus, this is how I gave thousands, a qualified level of confidence.

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