Training is 1 step forward

but, a dog’s poor mental health is 2 steps back.

What's your plan for your dogs Mental Health?

Do More than Just Training, with MK9Plus

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Currently, MK9Plus is both a Rebel & Global StartUp Awards Finalist!

  • For showing unbelievable growth as a business and in the dog training industry in our first 18 months, thank you to the community!

Imagine a future where your training results are permanent,

Simply by making your dog happier and healthier

Everyday changes your dog, it's your knowledge that decides if you're in control or not.

Common Issues

We Cover

Mending and Preventing

From our library of 110+ lessons, here are a few topics that spark an interest from most members.

(new uploads every Wednesday)


(Confidence building exercises)

Reactivity & Resource Guarding

(Preventing, Mending and Spotting Early)


(and the behavioural issues it causes)

Obsessive Behaviours

(Dogs, Humans, Smells & Animals)

Unreliable Recall

(New ways of teaching & keeping it working, permanently)

Lead Pulling

(No bribing or correcting involved)

Did you know?

Behaviours are just symptoms of underlying issues. Think of them as communication of the problem and not the problem.

That why focusing on training doesn't prevent issues and why it also leaves you in a loop of constant work, when trying to mend them.

Qualified Trainers here to help!

Meet Max, your qualified dog trainer.

The founder of MK9Plus.

"Are you a scientist? an aspiring dog trainer? or an experienced zoologist? My best guess is no to those thing but, one thing i know for sure is that you want what's best for your dog. So here we deliver the goods from a Real Human, not an angry trainer, over-the-top actor or boring professor.

Our approach is down to earth, easy to follow and straight to the point. Why? So you can quickly realise your dream of having that content, well-behaved and honestly happy dog and the ability to keep them this way. Training alone won't do it, but an MK9 Plan will!"

Me want!

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Qualified Trainer, Pet Professional of 2022 and Fuel By Tribal Nutrition

What makes MK9Plus different?

We prioritize addressing the dog and not just their behaviour, because a dogs behaviour is influenced by their current emotional health, lifestyle, and environment.

Nothing on here is new but, it is to you...

Why? It's impossible to teach and learn this in one hour a week sessions.

  • Plus! You probably don't want to risk £200 a month for 121 sessions, that could do nothing, or want to spend thousands to become a dog trainer. However, like most avid dog parents, you want to do more than just training.

This is where MK9Plus comes in.

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Anywhere, Anytime and at your Own Pace!

No one remembers it all first time, so now you can always go back and have that session again and again and again, until you know it all.

YOU are your dogs trainer and you can now achieve your goals

*You can download the iOS & Android APP

after you sign up at the bottom of the page*

Available for TV platforms and apps

What can you learn?

Have a dog in responsible and educated hands 24/7, because you are your dogs trainer

How to achieve and keep a calmer, more confident and mentally fit dog, with no gimmicks or drugs

Know how to maintain your training results, for a predictable and enjoyable future

Understand how Diet and Lifestyle can change your dogs mental and behaviour

Fluency in dog body language, social interactions and play

How to competently handle changes in behaviour, responsibly and instantly

Know the difference between myths and modern know-how, so you never unknowingly cause problems again

All 100+ lessons are included in a membership!

Know it, Don't wing it

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