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  • Are you unsure if you're fully understanding your dog's behavior? You're not alone! This lesson helps you navigate social situations with ease.

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5 Main Sections, in your incredible lesson


Breed can change a lot! The body posture, Facial movements and behaviours, especially!

Speed, Route and Arrival Point

These three points are the key ingredients to understanding what the approach means, the intentions and mood.

Body Posture and Signs

Know the key things to look for on your dogs head, body and tail and know the vital signs for a positive and negative Interaction.

What We Can Do

The best ways to allow our dogs to still learn dog communication but, knowing when we should get involved and answering crucial questions like "should they be on lead?" "how does it affect them?"


We will be putting your skills to test at the end of the video by watching real world examples.

From your trainer, Max:

"These courses are impossible to come by and have very little video examples for people to learn from, dispite this being the most used skill any dog parent has. So, here it is! without spending hundreds to go away on a course, right here on our platform, you can learn how to understand what’s being communicated in canine interactions and approaches.

Never miss the subtle early signs of fears, insecurities or physical illnesses, before they develop into reactivity. Know when to step in and when to relax, so you can finally stop being a "labra-doodle" about it and enjoy the rest of your time with your furry friend."

Certified Trainer, Pet Professional of 2022 and Fuel By Tribal Nutrition

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What's life like after MK9Plus

Once you know, YOU KNOW IT

The Stranger

Understand exactly what that stranger dog is feeling, doing and what their intentions are... even if their human says they're ok.

Your Dog

Never fear having an unpredictable dog, by knowing how to read your dogs mood and intentions with every single Interaction they'll ever have.

Future Proof

Don't be left out of your dogs conversation, the first step to help you dog is stopping issue early. Reactivity and guarding can by fuelled by fears or insecurity, don't wait until they're barking mad to take action.

Know It, Don't Wing It

Have a dog in responsible hands, 24/7

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Approaches and interactions

Was £29.99 Now £17.99

Learn everything about mixing your dog with stranger dogs and humans. Know what's going on and never enter a dangerous situation again, in this complete and thorough 30 minutes lesson.

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The Complete Body Language Series

Was £49.99 Now £26.99

Learn more than ever with an in depth, simplified and up to date MK9Plus series, on dog body language!

With over 2 Hours of content in the body language course you learn everything there is to know about dogs.

  • From reading interactions and play styles to understanding the four types of barks and how context changes the meaning of same signs, Plus much more!