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Max Randall


I'm Max Randall, the trainer at MK9Plus and the cheerleader!

I'm an enthusiastic dog addicted in the heart of somerset, that loves anything with dogs involved.

I have 3 dogs of my own, Darcy and Purdy are my good old sausage dogs and Enzo, the pharaoh hound.

I understand that stress and worry about my dog and their future. My dogs have had stress and anxiety and as a result, multiple behavioural problems. A couple years ago, I also rescued Enzo, an unruly street dog from Malta and have shared everything on here.


I helped them all grow into happy, healthy dogs but, not through training!

Where I Began

I started many years ago when i was only 17, training at IMDT and created MK9 Dog Training (hence the "Plus") only a couple years later.

I have never and never will stop learning, as there have been many new discoveries and things i have changed for the better, since qualifying as a certified dog trainer

I’ve now worked with over 1000 dogs in person ranging from little puppies to rehabilitating rescues and even running my socialisation centre for dogs and puppies of all ages and levels of experience.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my career so far and creating this platform has only furthered by excitement and drive to keep learning, growing and sharing the latest discoveries

2022 Pet Professional

You'll get to know that I'm not exactly the most professional "trainer" but, i am the most human.

I put learning first and don't care if I make my self look like an idiot.

As long as Humans and dogs are learning and changing to the best of their ability, I'm happy!

I still got called a pet professional of the year from PIF!

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