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Max Randall

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I'm Max Randall, your go-to dog trainer at MK9Plus, and more importantly, the face you won't get tired of seeing!

Living in the heart of Somerset, where my world revolves around my now three beloved dogs.

My Current Tribe

Enzo the Pharaoh

The street dog rescue!

Loves 4 hours a day of exploring anything green for anything fluffy, wether that's in the air, trees or underground!


The working Sausage Dog/ Destroyer of worlds!

Purdy loves and does everything Enzo does, just louder and ever so slightly slower.

Little Old Darcy

The hoover...

Darcy is Darcy, always down for a cuddle, food and sleep, living out her last days in style.

I didn’t dream of being a dog trainer

I had my sights set on the Royal Air Force. But, life had a twist waiting for me. An inhaler prescribed for my hay fever three years prior dashed my hopes; they required a clear five-year history. I felt shattered, missing out on the role of a regiment gunner I had my heart set on.

Then... DOGS! They're everywhere in my family! At 17, I thought I learn some useful skills, to help my family with issues we had with our dogs. The moment I started, I was captivated. Learning became my new passion, and I eagerly booked trips around the UK to train with the IMDT again and again and again, helping dogs is all I know!

Funny how life can guide us to unexpected places, isn't it?

I Know the worries and stress you might be experiencing about your dog's future. I HAVEN'T ALWAYS BEEN A TRAINER! I've lived with and helped my own dogs through stress, hyperactivity, anxiety, and the resultant behavioural issues. Enzo, for example, joined our tribe only a few years ago! He was just so hard.


The journey's of my dogs, didn't hinge on training alone. I'm eager to share my personal and professional journey's with you here at MK9Plus.

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Max Randall

CEO @MK9Plus

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