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Which one of these is your main goal?

Which one of these is your main goal?

Hi fellow dog parent

If you’re anything like I was,


Your dog is causing you more headache than you ever thought possible, constantly stressing you out, misbehaving, ignoring every word you say and maybe even embarrassing you every morning when you try to take them out for a peaceful walk.


And since that is the case, then you need to keep reading in order to learn:


The fun ways you can tap into and understand your dogs mental health and behaviour, so you can slowly restructure their mental state, allowing them to be the happy, consistent but obedient good boy/girl you’ve always wanted.


After this your dog will listen to every single word, effortlessly, not because they have to... but because they want to! giving you a calm state of mind, security and comfort.


Not only that ! You will also learn:

How to confidently and responsible manage behaviour.

How to drastically improve your dog’s mental health and behaviour by correcting their diet.

How to read your dog's body language and social interactions, so you never miss early signs.

How to achieve and maintain a calm and happy dog on a daily basis.

How to keep your training results last forever (by doing more than just training).

How to prevent mental health and behavioural problems from popping up.

But before I show you how, let me introduce myself:

Hi, my name is Max Randell, I’m a professional dog and human trainer who has rehabilitated, trained and socialised over a 1000 dogs to date and my mission isn't just to get you the dog of your dreams but to get your dog the parent of their dreams, by teaching you how to competently handle changes in behaviour without aggression and stressful forces on the dog.

I have always loved dogs and always wanted to dive deep into the psychology of dogs, to see why they "misbehave". After many years, many studies and many cases i realised on key component that no one is taught. Training is only 10% of the whole process! So most people, maybe even your self, are missing out on 90% of the steps that it takes to achieve the stable, happy and consistent dog we all dream of having.

This info about dogs is impossible to teach in one hour a week session, as people don't have that much time to wait or that much money to spend so, I have accumulate everything you and your dog need to understand each other and relive that stress into one library of lessons that you can learn in a fraction of time.

The lessons I put together for you are easy to learn and easy to apply, without any recurring experience.

<div class="editor-content"><p><strong>It doesn't matter who you are, what dog breed you have or how bad your dog’s behaviour is...</strong></p></div>

It doesn't matter who you are, what dog breed you have or how bad your dog’s behaviour is...

  • Take as little as 10 minutes a day from your library of lessons, your jaw will drop from the life changing results you’re getting so quickly, by not wasting your time with hours of training and doing what MK9Plus community of thousands does best...

<div class="editor-content"><p><strong>Any dog trainer can teach you some training tips and tricks! But no normal “dog trainer” will ever consider:</strong></p><br></div>

Any dog trainer can teach you some training tips and tricks! But no normal “dog trainer” will ever consider:

  • How many outlets does your dog have? What does your dog’s daily routine look like? What are you feeding your dog? how are you reliving your dog’s frustration? How are you controlling your dog’ arousal levels? I bet you’ve never considered them nor have any idea about them, but don't worry, we were once all in your place and I'm here to teach you everything you need to know.

<div class="editor-content"><p><strong><span style="font-size: 1.25rem">Never make a mistake and unknowingly cause problems for your self</span></strong></p><br></div>

Never make a mistake and unknowingly cause problems for your self

  • You have finally found a place with modern and backed knowledge so you can unlearn many things you could be doing to cause more issue or changing how you look at your dog or treat your dog. We keep our selves up to date and always backed by science!

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Explore why these paramount lessons are essential for your dog’s everlasting behaviour, healthy mental health and the killer of your stress.

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